You may feel a little bit nervous, or mystified about recording your own audio book. Well don’t be because you are in good hands! So let me tell you about the process…

First, you need to decide if you want to do it yourself, or if you want to pay for a narrator. Let’s say you decide to read your book yourself though. It’s very powerful for you to be reading your own words.

I can meet you at your home, office or we can rent a studio for you. After setting up the room, we’ll start with a vocal warm up to make sure you’re in full voice. I’ll be there supporting you while you recite. We’ll record you on studio quality equipment and take time out when you need it.

I’ll clean up the audio, add titles and background music to create a professionally mastered audio book ready for selling online.

Your audio book will also be delivered in chapters, which you may like to use for podcasting, creating sales lures or promoting your message.