Anoushka Gungadin – Founder of Global CQ, CEO of the Australia-India Chamber of Commerce and champion of cultural inclusion

Anoushka has had a huge career for a woman that grew up and was educated in Mauritius. With a high achieving family, Anoushka’s first job was to run a huge event in Mauritius and she learned a lot from it. Including not to bite off more than you can chew!! From this stressful and eye opening experience, Anoushka wasn’t put off, she loved business and so after setting off to China to visit her brother who was finishing a medical degree, she landed a job around the time of the Beijing Olympics, just as the country was opening up.

After landing in Australia with her new husband after eleven years in China, Anoushka set up her first business soon after, Global CQ. Just as many organisations focus on EQ (Emotional Intelligence), she wanted to focus on cultural inclusivity, especially as she knows how multicultural it is here and the importance of assimilation. Anouska’s story is totally inspiring as she has worked in the corporate sector with huge success, as well as heading up her own company. Her recent appointment as CEO of the Australia-India Chamber of Commerce is a testament to her business acumen and leadership skills. Plus, she’s super nice and full of stories!

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