Louise Larkin

Louise Larkin is founder of Friend in Me, a company that creates all-inclusive parties so that all children can be involved. The concept has been created to ensure ‘no child gets left behind’ and Louise is a woman who gets stuff done!

Following a career in event management for Crown, and after having a ‘lightbulb moment’ on the way to work one day, Louise has stopped at nothing to help thousands of little kids have fun on their birthdays and be invited to the humongous parties she puts on. She wants kids to feel comfortable to embrace their uniqueness and, with the amazing events she puts on, they have the perfect opportunity to do so.

Louise keeps it real and talks about how she was at such ease with her decision to start her business that she felt as if a weight lifted once she concentrated on it full time after leaving her corporate career. You will love her sense of humour, her stories of kindness and she is a woman to be totally admired as she is also juggling a young family at the same time. She credits her success to persistence, online networking and surrounding herself with supportive people.

Susan Jarvis

Susan Jarvis is the founder of the Spicy Boudoir, which aims to boost the confidence of diabled people and people over the age of 50 and help them embrace their sexuality. Susan mentions that she her self just turned 50 a few years ago and noticed that, from her age group onwards, talk about sex seemed to be taboo and suggests this could have had something to do with the time in which this age group was growing up. She wants to open up the conversation and help older people feel comfortable in talking about their sexuality

Susan saw a need in the market and met it, with a tailored online adult sex toy shop for those over 50 and for those with disabilities. Her target audience is bang on because when trialing activity on Pinterest, she received a lot of interest – not surprising given the high arts and crafts content on the medium. She also launched the business with a n=bang! A highly successful PR campaign she did herself.

As a first time entrepreneur over the age of 50, and having worked within the health industry in her previous career, Susan bravely stepped outside of her comfort zone from the 9-5 to start her own business. In the interview, she talks about all of the research she did and the operational efficiencies she’s employed to keep down storage costs for physical products. Susan is passionate about her mission and product, and it’s clear that she has established a business that works for her.

She’s THE Boss Chats Series Trailer

She’s The Boss chats is a regular program featuring in-depth interviews with amazing, inspiring female founders and women who run their own businesses.

In each episode, Jules Brooke chats with a business woman about their entrepreneurial journey; from when they left school to where they are now (often a very wiggly path!), what their ‘lightbulb’ moment was, the women that have inspired them along the way and what they have learned from their experiences. You’ll love the She’s The Boss program if you enjoy listening to interviews filled with lots of laughs, great stories and oodles of advice and lessons learned from life’s journeys.

This series of interviews is an extended version of the popular TV show on Ticker TV (tickertv.com.au) where Jules interviews all sorts of interesting and inspiring women every week. Jules is also the founder of Handle Your Own PR (handleyourownpr.com.au) where she teaches business owners, authors and experts how to get featured in the media for free and has developed a unique PR Engine. Handle Your Own PR also offers online coaching and accelerator courses.

Laura Piccardi

Laura Piccardi is the founder of Uppy which provides much needed life and performance coaching. She is also a speaker, presenter and the author of Unfaked. Having grown up in an enterprising family and running a number of businesses in Australia, Laura is now parlaying all of her experience to lift the lid on businesses in a fun and entertaining way.

As a result of the time she gained over the isolation period of COVID-19, Laura has reassessed what she really wants to do – and from now on will be a small business satirist. How cool is that?!

Being a native Brit and having moved to Australia 10 years ago, Laura is fearless in her approach to business, having tried a few adventures and businesses before landing on the one that’s right for her.

Having experienced and overcome severe stress, Laura also comes from a place of authenticity in being able to help others in their own personal growth. Her idea of lifting the lid on business and creating business satire is brilliant, and her mission is to make businesses more relatable to people whilst providing meaningful entertainment from her platform.

Polly McGee

It’s hard to know where to start with the accolades for this incredible woman of many talents! An early adopter of digital technology and a huge fan of yoga and ‘being of service’, Polly’s interview is fascinating. On her website she describes herself as an ‘All Purpose’ human but she is also an author, speaker, business strategist, yogi and good hustler,

As one of only 400 people worldwide to have attended Brene Brown’s master course and become a Certified Dare To LeadTM facilitator, these days she and her business partner, Zoe Coyle (who also did the course), are running workshops around the country through their company Pilot Light.

Jules and Polly have known each other for a few years now so they discuss how they met and their combined love of startups, female founders and innovation in all its forms. They move on to Polly’s emergence from academia and her curiosity about the digital world. She has been at the forefront of innovation for decades now.

Polly’s lust for life, her certainty that she was put on this planet to be of service to others and her mixture of ‘woo woo’ and business savvy makes this an interview not to be missed.

Lora Starling

An industry veteran in graphic design, Lora Starling is the founder of Starling Design, a business spanning decades across Australia and the UK. Lora’s design philosophy is based on the emotional centre, resulting in designs that resonate. She loves a bit of woo woo and has spent a lot of time exploring the influences on a brand.

During the chat, Lora talks about how her experience at large design firms helped her shape her own business and her point of difference in creating brands and designs that actually mean something.

With a positive mindset, Lora talks about how being an entrepreneur has taught her to learn from life crises, that perceived mistakes are actually learning opportunities to do better next time and that it’s important to be one’s true self, have a back-up plan and a stellar support network.

Jo Munro

Jo Munro is the founder of The Savvy Shopaholic and Media Savvy, bringing together her diverse experience in sales and business channel development, retail and media commentary. As a female founder, Jo made the leap from a corporate career to entrepreneurship through simply doing what makes her heart sing and pushing through the fear.

Jo talks about her inspiration in teaching, developed during her time as a passionate ballet teacher, and building relationships within her corporate telco career, her nous in retail shopping habits, and the life experiences that all lead to her establishing her businesses that essentially helps people and businesses alike get from A to B.

As an expert media commentator, appearing regularly on TV as the Savvy Shopaholic and as a business consultant at Media Savvy, Jo helps educate businesses about how to be prepared for any media interaction. She bridges the gap between businesses and media, making it an easier process all around.

Anne Miles

Anne Miles is the founder of Suits & Sneakers, an international creative services company, but she has done sooo much more! As a female founder she is constantly juggling clients, the work she needs to do on the business in terms of strategy, and the implementation. Luckily she has a super strong work ethic – which you will hear about in the interview.

In this interview Anne explains that she felt moved to go out on her own after suffering from bullying, ageism and sexism in the workplace for many years. As one of the brightest young women in the advertising and creative industries in her early career, she went on to hold very senior roles in a number of big name agencies – and corporate businesses –  until she started being discriminated against.

Turning the negative into a positive, she decided to help other amazing creatives who were looking for projects to work on, or even employment. She had a number of challenges in the process of setting up her business but has managed to get around all of them.

Karina Bruce

Karina Bruce is an unstoppable force! As a curvy model, and the co-founder of Hear Us Roar, a marketplace for fashion designers who specialise in curvy women, she is determined to change things in the fashion industry – and no doubt she will!

In this episode Karina and Jules discuss what it was like for Karina as a young woman who experienced bullying for her size at school, and how she eventually was persuaded by a friend to try out as a model. Her description of how she felt (sure of rejection) when she walked in the door of Vivian’s Model Agency is one many women will relate to. But she was booked immediately!

It was after Karina met her business partner, Blaize McCann, that the two like-minded women decided to set up Hear Us Roar. They were so fed up with the lack of fashion choices for women over size 14 (by the way, size 16 is the average woman’s size in Australia) that they sourced the best designers and brought them all together in one place.

Karina and Blaize set out to find VC funding and Karina tells us what that was like. Unfortunately their timing was a bit off as it was just before the Bushfires and COVID-19 isolation period but nothing will keep these women down!

Karina’s quirky fact is a classic too. Listen for it towards the end!