Bri Williams – The Behaviour Explainer and Founder of People Patterns

Wow! Bri Williams, behavioural expert, author and the founder of People Patterns is a really interesting and clever woman. Having studied a double degree in accounting and psychology, Bri started out her career in corporate finance for the likes of Coca Cola Amatil, moving into HR whilst there – clearly drawn to the psychology and human side of things in that department – and ended up product managing a published book and loving the creative process. She parlayed this experience into a product manager role with Sensis. It was during Bri’s corporate career that she identified the importance of quality, persuasive language and engagements with customers, target audience and staff alike. It’s all about behavioural science, and Bri bridges the gap between academia and what is actually pragmatic and practical in business situations.

Having been in business for 10 years and helping SMEs and government organisation be more persuasive, Bri talks about the importance of valuing yourself. She also mentions that if you do in fact work for free, clients are less likely to implement it any way as there’s no skin in the game for them. Know your worth, contextualise your value with a product ladder or sales funnel and create habits for effectiveness.

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