Huyen Truong – Founder of Online Marketing for Doctors and Entrepreneurial dynamo!

Huyen has an amazing story. Growing up dirt poor in Vietnam before the country opened up in the 80’s, there were times her parents didn’t know how they would get food on the table. But once the country opened up, she and her siblings watched their parents try one new business idea after another, until they finally landed on a car dealership and they are now extremely successful business owners. But Huyen was hungry to try new countries and so after finishing school, and after jumping through a lot of hoops, she secured a place at a prestigious university in the USA and did her MBA.

After completing her MBA over there, she knew she didn’t want to stay in the US, and having had a couple of tourist trips to Australia, she decided to emigrate here. Landing with only her suitcases and a bit of money, she enrolled in another MBA in order to get a student visa. So, by the time she was in her late 20’s, she had two MBAs and knew she wanted to start a digital marketing agency. Not a small one, the biggest in Australia! She also identified a lucrative gap in the market – marketing for Doctors (specifically, cosmetic surgeons) and so her second digital marketing agency was born (the other one is still going and focuses on SEO).

Huyen has some great advice about hard work, and offers a massive dose of inspiration. Nothing was going to stop this women so she is definitely one to watch!

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