Laura Piccardi

Laura Piccardi is the founder of Uppy which provides much needed life and performance coaching. She is also a speaker, presenter and the author of Unfaked. Having grown up in an enterprising family and running a number of businesses in Australia, Laura is now parlaying all of her experience to lift the lid on businesses in a fun and entertaining way.

As a result of the time she gained over the isolation period of COVID-19, Laura has reassessed what she really wants to do – and from now on will be a small business satirist. How cool is that?!

Being a native Brit and having moved to Australia 10 years ago, Laura is fearless in her approach to business, having tried a few adventures and businesses before landing on the one that’s right for her.

Having experienced and overcome severe stress, Laura also comes from a place of authenticity in being able to help others in their own personal growth. Her idea of lifting the lid on business and creating business satire is brilliant, and her mission is to make businesses more relatable to people whilst providing meaningful entertainment from her platform.

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