Michelle Brown – Paper crafting enthusiast who runs From Picture To Page and Beyond when she’s not being an engineer!

Michelle Brown’s business is called From Picture To Page and Beyond. She is a mad paper crafter and one day, out of the blue almost, she made an offer to the woman who was running her favourite crafting show, and it was accepted! So Michelle, who is an engineering consultant when she’s not running crafting events, has plunged herself fully into running events for hundreds (her biggest one has thousands) of paper crafting enthusiasts.

Then COVID-19 struck and she was initially so despondent as the entire model for her business relied on supporting craft retailers and fans through live events. But never one to give up for long, she quickly set up a home studio and started running craft demonstrations online that are shared on YouTube and her website. She also opened an online craft store. Michelle is one of the loveliest, most thoughtful women on the planet and this story is one that’s sure to inspire you to give running a business a go!

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