Nicole Santer – Founder of Eventbuzz360, event organiser extraordinaire and speaker

Nicole loves events! Her description of being born on the kitchen floor of her parents’ catering company says it all really. Her grandparents and parents were in catering and so Nicole grew up surrounded by events. It wasn’t a huge leap for her to want to set up her own events company at a young age, even though she says she won a client and had NO idea about the ins and outs of organising big events, but winged it and learned on the job!

After running all sorts of events for big, innovative tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and more, Nicole was asked to set up an event overseas, and that’s what sparked the idea for her new baby Eventbuzz360. It sprang from not being able to easily find suppliers for everything she needed for an event she was asked to create in Hong Kong with very little notice. She realised that whether you are running an event here in Australia or overseas, you need to be able to find reliable services from venues, catering and flowers through to speakers, videographers and lighting experts. Eventbuzz360 is for everyone in the industry and when you listen to Nicole’s story you will realise it’s destined for success!

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