Megan Del Borrello – Founder of Behind The Brands and champion for successful female founders

Another great She’s the BOSS Chats episode with Jules Brooke and Megan Del Borrello

Megan is an absolute dynamo. Based in Perth, she is the founder of Behind The Brands, a group focused on helping successful female founders with networking, advice and training. Megan was Managing Director of a marketing agency when her first child was born. She was driven and ambitious but soon found that agency life was not suited to flexible work so after many years, she decided to set out on her own.

After parting ways with her business partner, Megan decided to focus on Behind The Brands. With two young children to juggle, Megan is doing amazing things to help women get ahead and take their business to the next level. Her passion for supporting female founders is certainly something Jules had in common with Megan and the conversation was filled with optimism and an agreement on the potential for women moving forward.

Melissa Dunbar – Event Producer and the Founder of Big Fish Events Group

Melissa Dunbar, founder of Big Fish Events Group, is one of Australia’s top event ‘producers’ (as she prefers to be called) and has been working in the industry for decades. She discusses the wiggly road she took before she started her own company (the story of how she got her first job in the industry is a cracker!)

From presenting herself on the doorstep of channel 9 early on in her career to William May’s (acclaimed creator of Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience) later on in her career, Melissa is a strong believer that if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

A lot of Melissa’s success has come from saying yes to opportunities and working out how to do it later – totally fearless. She also talks about how one of her biggest lessons has been learning when to say no, whilst still finding the best solution to a problem. Success has also come from taking the initiative and picking up the phone to continuously build her pipeline. Persistence is key and Melissa emphasises the importance of nurturing and feeding inspiration to build success. Melissa just gives things a crack and just gets it done.
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Julie Hirsch – Co-Founder of Eloments Organic Tea, Fair Trade advocate and award winning business woman

Julie Hirsch is one of the most inspiring and driven women in Australia when it comes to being kind to the planet. She is the Co-Founder of Eloments Organic Vitamin Teas as well as being winner of the 2020 Telstra Business Womens Awards for Victoria and being featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Asia in 2020.

Starting of in the US as a young woman working on the 2016 election, she fell in love and moved to Australia. Julie is super passionate about Fair Trade and she and her partner Nicole have had a very steep learning curve setting up Eloments Teas. From sourcing the fair trade tea, to manufacturing (they have a patent pending for their process), to disrupting supply chain logoistics, to securing a contract with Woolworths to range the teas in 650 of their stores witrhin 6 months of launching, this woman is one to watch. This is a hugely inspiring episode

Jennifer Bishop – Founder of Mindful Life Training and wellness advocate after experiencing ill health from stress

Jen Bishop was a high-flying go-getter from an early age. Burning the candle at both ends, she became a LinkedIn expert, in demand all over the country and was busy, busy, busy. Then her body broke down from the stress and her life as she knew it was over. She had to reinvent herself in a way that made it possible for her to manage her health.

Jen’s story is inspiring and cautionary. She now has a business called Mindful Life Training where she helps corporates avoid putting their staff into an unhealthy. stressful situation by coaching them in mindfulness and wellness.

Fiona Harris – Co Founder of The Drop Off, Actor, Writer, Author

Fiona is a true creative – she’s a writer, actor, author and Co-Founder of a television production house with her partner. She talks about how she travelled in her early years and then started acting in various roles before starting to write – plays, movies, comedy and now, her own multi award winning web based show, The Drop Off.

Fiona’s story of how The Drop Off has grown in popularity makes for great listening. The book has now been launched (it’s fantastic) and the show has been picked up by a commercial station. All the ingredients you need for a great tale.

Watch out for our technical glitch towards the end. Our Producer, Dave Stokes, saved the day with his clever transition!!

Candice DeVille – Co Founder of CoPilot Crew and ecommerce and digital expert

Candice has an amazing story. Back in the early 2000’s when no one really knew what a blog was, she and a handful of others formed The Bloggerati and drew hundreds of thousands of followers. At the time Candice (who is super stylish!) wrote about vintage fashion and beauty.

Fast forward a decade or two and Candice is now using her expertise in digital marketing to make a difference to businesses, alongside her true partner and Co-Pilot, Hunter Boyle. Candice’s story is inspiring as she talks about her passion for digital and how she got to where she is now.

Julia Ewert – Known as The Negotiator and a sales coach extraordinaire!

Julia Ewert, aka The Negotiator, is a truly inspiring woman who is helping business owners everywhere understand sales and how to sell without being ‘pushy’. From being bullied in her school years to turning it around and owning 5 properties by the age of 30, Julia is the true meaning of the word ‘go getter’. Her story of her years in the corporate sector, her rapid rise to the top and then her decision to start consulting is fascinating.

When she is asked about women that have helped her entrepreneurial journey she talks about how a really negative management relationship shaped her, as well as the woman who was a brilliant role model for management. She offers some great advice as well as inspiration. And her ultimate goal “to ‘retire’ her husband”, a FIFO worker is fabulous. This is a fantastic story of determination and business nous!

Michelle Brown – Paper crafting enthusiast who runs From Picture To Page and Beyond when she’s not being an engineer!

Michelle Brown’s business is called From Picture To Page and Beyond. She is a mad paper crafter and one day, out of the blue almost, she made an offer to the woman who was running her favourite crafting show, and it was accepted! So Michelle, who is an engineering consultant when she’s not running crafting events, has plunged herself fully into running events for hundreds (her biggest one has thousands) of paper crafting enthusiasts.

Then COVID-19 struck and she was initially so despondent as the entire model for her business relied on supporting craft retailers and fans through live events. But never one to give up for long, she quickly set up a home studio and started running craft demonstrations online that are shared on YouTube and her website. She also opened an online craft store. Michelle is one of the loveliest, most thoughtful women on the planet and this story is one that’s sure to inspire you to give running a business a go!

Melanie Dancer – Founder of Out of The Blue, ex Police Officer who helps people transition out of the Force.

Mel Dancer is only new to the entrepreneurial journey but her story is so interesting that she has to be heard! Mel is an ex Police Officer. She had always wanted to be a detective and loved her years in the Force, but they were very, very stressful. Mel describes what it was like to work across some pretty full-on crime scenes and how it affects your psychology.

Mel realised that when most people leave the Police Force to go back to the private sector, they need support. They need to be taught about job interviews and LinkedIn and the sorts of roles they could apply for (other than security) and that is what she offers through her cleverly names business, Out Of The Blue. Mel is so generous with her story, you will be fascinated.

Chamaine Lovett

What a barrel of laughs Chamaine Lovett, the co-founder of Gin Birds, is! She is full of positive energy and fun. Her story of life in the UK as a nurse and health professional prior to moving to Australia is fascinating. once she and her family got here (she has 3 older children and an 8 year old with her hubby) she got herself a job and made friends with the other Mums at the primary school.

Starting off as Three Birds Drink Wine with two other Mums, she decided to focus on Gin in March 2020 when their wine tours had to stop. Since then she has created the Consumer Gindex (an index of all the Australian independent distilleries), she has a Gin Birds blog that won Top 5 Blogs in the World recently, and she has stacks of plans for the future.