Scarlett Vespa – Founder of The Conscious Agency and The Conscious Entrepreneurs

Scarlett Vespa, transformation coach, brand-maker and founder of The Coaching Agency created her business to develop a community and bring people together. Scarlett is a curator of experts and information that helps people be better versions of themselves.

She talks about learning from her own experiences over 25 years, and the importance of the conscious mind; which enables us to take responsibility, be present of the choices we make and be responsive rather than reactive in our decisions.

After working within a successful visual production career and building a number of businesses, Scartett found more success after falling in love with herself as it was then that she truly felt free. She realised that no matter the challenges she experienced in her life, she would always have her own mind, spirit and sense of self. With this realisation, she was inspired to learn new things, like website development (when in its infancy) and graphic design. Through this, she brought her creative side to life by creating brands. Scarlett’s recipe for success in business is about being authentic, upfront and transparent about your agenda; listening to your body and mind; and being present.

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