Stella Gianotto – Founder of Brands For Brands and consumer retail Futurist

Stella Gianotto is the founder of Brand For Brands, she’s also a retail futurist and branding expert and her story is very inspiring. From growing up in a very traditional Italian family, Stella was inspired to pursue a career from an early age. In fact, she was an entrepreneurial whizz even in school! Soon after leaving, and having worked in a couple of agencies, Stella decided to go out on her own. Her business was established in the late nineties and she has had quite a few ups and downs since then!

At the age of 40, Stella had a much-loved, and longed for child, and that changed everything. Initially moving from Sydney to the Hunter Valley, and with her younger sister Joanna now involved in the business, Stella soon realised it wasn’t working and for the last few years she has been back in Sydney, building up her successful business, killing it in the media with her PR campaigns and with a large group of clients that loves what she does. Listen and learn. Her tip for business owners is a doozy!

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