Susan Jarvis

Susan Jarvis is the founder of the Spicy Boudoir, which aims to boost the confidence of diabled people and people over the age of 50 and help them embrace their sexuality. Susan mentions that she her self just turned 50 a few years ago and noticed that, from her age group onwards, talk about sex seemed to be taboo and suggests this could have had something to do with the time in which this age group was growing up. She wants to open up the conversation and help older people feel comfortable in talking about their sexuality

Susan saw a need in the market and met it, with a tailored online adult sex toy shop for those over 50 and for those with disabilities. Her target audience is bang on because when trialing activity on Pinterest, she received a lot of interest – not surprising given the high arts and crafts content on the medium. She also launched the business with a n=bang! A highly successful PR campaign she did herself.

As a first time entrepreneur over the age of 50, and having worked within the health industry in her previous career, Susan bravely stepped outside of her comfort zone from the 9-5 to start her own business. In the interview, she talks about all of the research she did and the operational efficiencies she’s employed to keep down storage costs for physical products. Susan is passionate about her mission and product, and it’s clear that she has established a business that works for her.