How can we help with your podcast?

Here’s a show trailer/promo for a podcast we produce:

She’s THE Boss Chats – deep dive interviews with female founders.

(We subtitle them so they are a little more ‘audio friendly’, if you haven’t got ear pods ;>).

Let’s work up a plan for your podcast project using the short questionnaire below.

Will you host your podcast series on your WordPress website?

The initial set up cost for your podcast series is around AUD $500. Episode costs start at AUD $150 per finished hour and I’ll need to receive the episode recordings 48 hours before publication. Do this sound OK to you?

You’ll need help to create accounts with the various podcast channels (Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Play). Would you like me to do that on your behalf?

Would you like to create a social media post each time you publish a new episode (e.g. to Facebook and LinkedIn)?

Have you put together a short ‘trailer episode’ (a one to three minute description of what your podcast series will be about)? Sample audio:

How often would you like to publish your podcast?

Which day of the week would you like to publish?

What time of the day would you like to publish?

Will you write a podcast summary for each episode? (I can do it for you for $50. We’ll need it for the episode blog post/show notes) Example:

Have you designed your podcast logo? (it must be at least 1400 x 1400 pixels and minimum 72 DPI) Sample logo:

Have you thought about your podcast series episode ‘intro’? Example: 'This is Starling's Murmurs and I'm Lora Starling. And I'm exploring how we can all use the same tools as brand's use to gain success in our own lives. I believe that if we can imagine it, we can visualise it and create it.' Sample audio:

Have you thought about your podcast series episode ‘outro’? Example: 'If you want to learn more about these future magnets, and how we can create the future that we want to see, then look up my website' Sample audio:

Would you like to play some episode highlights after the intro at the beginning of the episode? Example: 'In today's episode...' Sample audio:

Would you like music for your intro, outro and mid show interlude? If so, go to :

Click the submit button to send your information. We usually get back to you in 24 hours.

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