Over the last few years, I’ve listened to my customers and prospects, researched the audio market, experimented with technologies and embraced storytelling. And during that time, I’ve produced and published over 15 audio books and podcasts for my customers.

My experiences have shown me the benefits of audio are well known:

  • Mobile, flexible, convenient and portable
  • Sales growth rates exceed 30%
  • Zero cost duplication, delivery and warehousing
  • The power of communicating in the author’s voice
  • International exposure

I’ve crafted a business to take advantage of a growing market using best practice standards and the latest technology. But I want to go further…

And I need your help…

Here is what you’ll get in return…

  • Professionally produced audio book
  • Published at 15 international audio book online retailers including:
    • Audible
    • iTunes
    • Google Play
  • Narration coaching
  • Recording advice

To participate in my half price program and begin your audio book project, simply complete the application form below and submit it before August 31st 2019.

I’ll come back to you within 48 hours with a quote, a checklist and answers to your questions.

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