Publishing – How do I get there?


Although the audio book market is nothing new, the current technology that supports it and it’s recent growth is new and still evolving. As a consequence, there is a diversity of websites offering audio book publication and distribution. author2audio has identified outlets for self-published authors. These fall into two categories:

Direct upload . There are three players that support the free upload and distribution of completed audio book projects: Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), Authors Republic (AR) and Findaway voices (FV). ACX distribute solely to Audible (paired to Amazon) and iTunes (paired to Apple).  AR and FV distribute to a much wider retail and library audience including Audible and iTunes generally under non exclusive agreements.

Services. There are four other players that offer fee based production, publication and distribution services: eBookIT, Must Amplify (Library of Sound), Infinity publishing and Dog Ear publishing.  These websites offer combinations of recording, narrating, publishing and distribution, but no direct upload.

Here are some audio book industry thoughts…

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