‘Studio free’ recording in your voice or narrated

Audio books are the fastest growing publishing format, expanding at a rate of 30% in the United States and 20% in Australia.

With the help of our publishing partners, your audio book will be published across 15 international online retailers including Audible, iTunes and Google Play.

Our publicity partner provides a 3 month training program including weekly mentoring, so you can master PR for all of your book formats now and into the future.

We have a broad range of professional narrators to voice your book – and if you prefer, you can certainly record in your own voice for a personal branding lift. Visit our narrators page here.

Once you have your final edited manuscript, book cover, book overview, suggested RRP and content categories for your target readers, we only additionally need your PayPal account email address, US tax exemption form (here) and an email confirming your ownership of the audio book distribution rights. Once you have emailed the above information to us, we do the rest.

Your audio book is usually listed for sale online within 4 weeks and we send you a weekly publication progress report.

Please visit the following selected author pages for samples of our audio books:

Royalties are paid on a quarterly basis to your PayPal account and are made up of individual audio book sales, library bulk purchases, subscription shares and rentals – each attracting an average return of 17.5% to the author (32% for an ‘exclusive’ publishing agreement with a small upfront fee).

Business authors can be turning over 30 to 40 units per month – resulting in an investment payback period of less than 3 years.

Our price per 10,000 words is $500*. So a 60,000 word title will cost $3,000*. An 80,000 word title will cost $4,000*. The publicity training program is a separate cost at $600* and would only be required once for individual authors.

Want to discuss your audio book? Here’s how we can help

*all prices are GST exclusive

The following document presents the above information in greater detail with further technical specifications.