As a rule of thumb, professionals tend to narrate at 120 to 140 words per minute. If it’s easier to imagine, let’s say 7,000 words per hour allowing for breaks, corrections and re-records. A 35k word book/140 page novel will usually take around 5 hours to record.

After recording comes the editing process. This usually takes 1 and a half times the recording time – or if you like – 60 to 70 words per minute. The process includes a complete ‘re-listen’ of the recorded material while tidying up corrected sentences, post recording edits, gasps, clicks, pops and any ‘noise’.

So recording and editing will account for around 15 hours of our model 35k word book, provided no re-records are required at a time beyond the recording session(s) or any other adverse event. Here are some recording environment thoughts…