The best ‘gets’ for social media come from keeping it short, sharp and snappy using a combination of audio, video, images and text.

  • Audio interviews with fellow authors (easy to do with MP3 Skype Recorder)
  • Write opinion pieces for publicity (loved by bloggers, editors and journalists)
  • Tie your audio book into current media topics
  • Get a ‘spot’ on a podcast
  • Leverage your author’s page (e.g. on Amazon)
  • Write some ‘back story’ posts about your characters and motivations
  • Divide up your biography into paragraphs and talk about your heroes weekly

We can help you carve up your audio into ‘sound bites’ so you can, on a weekly basis:

  1. Publish audio book excerpts on given days at random (tasters)
  2. Publish paragraphs in chapter order on given days in sequence (teasers)