Upload and format tips

The clarity, quality and consistency of your audio files is essential for an enjoyable listener experience.  We pride ourselves on our production values and ensure that your audio book recording is created to industry standards ready for publisher upload or direct sale from your website. There are a variety of ways to upload your audio book for online retailing. Here are some general guidelines for self-published authors.

There are two major players when it comes to publishing your audio book: Author’s Republic and Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). Both services will require a publishing agreement and a set of files that make up your audio book. That detail includes: cover image, opening and closing credits, and separate files for each chapter. Recommended formats are: MP3 for audio and PNG for image files. We create these files for you.

Publishing on your own website is always a good idea too. With this in mind, we create a single audio book file in M4B (M4A) format. This format has the added advantage of allowing an individual title image for each chapter – visible when browsing chapters in iTunes on any Apple device.

Note: make sure you understand the exclusivity agreement between you and your publisher. It may be worth taking a lower royalty in order to publish across a larger number of retailers.

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