Kirsten Hunter

Kirsten runs an established Private Practice and works with children, adolescents, adults and couples across the expanse of clinical areas. Kirsten is the Amazon Best Selling author of the 6 book series ‘Signposts For Living’ that covers 153 areas bringing the wealth of psychology’s wisdom to the public.

The wisdom and knowledge of psychology is only drip fed to the public.Signposts for Living captures over 20 years of professional practice, giving everybody and anybody the capacity to live life with a smug joy. It is a brave and scary thing to take responsibility for your life choices. Covering 205 areas that you need to know, Signposts for Living is your manual for being.

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"I approached Dave with the very ambitious task of recording six nonfiction books all in one go. This was an arduous task I am sure. Dave managed to steer my novice learning curve with impressive patience and calm perseverance. I found Dave's explanation on how to set up the audiobook recording to be very thorough and very clear. I immediately enjoyed his manner and his professionalism, both of which had a calming effect on me.

As for the finished product, I am very impressed. The audiobooks sound great. I have received a lot of very positive feedback from people who have listened to my books. As a final vote of confidence, I am 100% going to approach Dave with my recently released series of books and my future books to be recorded onto audiobook format. "

Kirsten Hunter