Robyn Weatherley

Robyn Weatherley has spent years and hundreds of meetings in all types of Boardrooms, working with some of the best (and less fine) Board Directors in Australia. Her extensive career in corporate governance has included working with and advising numerous Boards of substantial operating entities (listed and unlisted, private and government), on how to operate on the right side of good governance and the law. Living and breathing the world of Directors means Robyn can provide both aspirational and new Board Directors with detailed, humanistic insights as to what a newbie to this field might encounter upon their first appointment – details very seldomly shared in structured education courses.

Yamini Naidu

Are you a presenter searching for a blueprint to wow bosses and clients? Longing to convey information in a long-term and meaningful way? Do you have great ideas but struggle to move peers to action? As the world’s only economist turned Bollywood-dancing business storyteller, bestselling author and speaker Yamini Naidu busts the myth that X factor is something you are born with or exclusive to a handful of lucky people.

Phil McNamara

As a young man, Phil McNamara was often lost in the works of Charles Darwin – a passion that fused language with a love for the natural world. Red Reflection is his first novel. Phil is writing its sequel from the modest home he shares with his wife and daughter in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Kate Toon

Kate’s an award-winning entrepreneur author, speaker, educator, podcaster, and parent to one human and one fur baby. From her humble backyard shed she masterminded an ambitious business universe, helping thousands of other humans to build their own version of success through her digital marketing and business know-how.

Stephanie Thompson

Childbirth is no longer simply ‘secret women’s business’ – it is now big business. And women everywhere are paying for information to help them on their journey to motherhood, only to find a very one-sided view about how a birth ‘should’ be. It’s like being given only half the textbook, only it’s presented in such a way that you can’t tell – which is the reason so many women are feeling stuck.

Kirsten Hunter

Kirsten runs an established Private Practice and works with children, adolescents, adults and couples across the expanse of clinical areas. Kirsten is the Amazon Best Selling author of the 6 book series ‘Signposts For Living’ that covers 153 areas bringing the wealth of psychology’s wisdom to the public.

Shawn Callahan

Shawn’s story mastery process of Discover, Remember, Share and Refresh is based on over two decades’ work with high-achieving global companies. In Putting Stories to Work, each step is spelled out in detail, backed up by research, and, needless to say, illustrated by plenty of great stories. Learn how to find and share stories to connect with new people. How to explain why change is needed. How to influence opinions and promote success. And much more. Most importantly, learn how to take the latent skill of storytelling and turn it into a potent business habit.

Bronwyn Reid

Bronwyn is a small business owner and serial entrepreneur whose driver is small business success, particularly in regional areas. Bronwyn has successfully started and run two award-winning businesses from regional Queensland, and her latest venture, Small Company, Big Business, is her third. She is best known for her strong business and community engagement roles in regional Queensland as a speaker, mentor, and collaborator.

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