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Shes the Boss

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Chrissie Davies is an educator, consultant, writer, loving mama via an open adoption, and passionate advocate for understanding children with challenging behaviours. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live the life they truly deserve.

Shes the Boss

Huyen Truong – Founder of Online Marketing for Doctors and Entrepreneurial dynamo!

Huyen has an amazing story. Growing up dirt poor in Vietnam before the country opened up in the 80’s, there were times her parents didn’t know how they would get food on the table. But once the country opened up, she and her siblings watched their parents try one new business idea after another…

Shes the Boss

Anoushka Gungadin – Founder of Global CQ, CEO of the Australia-India Chamber of Commerce and champion of cultural inclusion

Anoushka has had a huge career for a woman that grew up and was educated in Mauritius. With a high achieving family, Anoushka’s first job was to run a huge event in Mauritius and she learned a lot from it. Including not to bite off more than you can chew!!

Shes the Boss

Nicole Santer – Founder of Eventbuzz360, event organiser extraordinaire and speaker

Nicole loves events! Her description of being born on the kitchen floor of her parents’ catering company says it all really. Her grandparents and parents were in catering and so Nicole grew up surrounded by events. It wasn’t a huge leap for her to want to set up her own events company at a young age…

Shes the Boss

Scarlett Vespa – Founder of The Conscious Agency and The Conscious Entrepreneurs

Scarlett Vespa, transformation coach, brand-maker and founder of The Coaching Agency created her business to develop a community and bring people together. Scarlett is a curator of experts and information that helps people be better versions of themselves.

Shes the Boss

Melissa Lewis, Founder of The Ascension Group

Melissa Lewis, Executive Presence Mentor and founder of Activator Sheeo and The Ascension Group, is a powerhouse in helping women commercialise themselves in male dominated environments, breaking through the glass ceiling and being recognised as prospects for promotion. How are you perceived versus your intention?

Shes the Boss

Bri Williams – The Behaviour Explainer and Founder of People Patterns

Wow! Bri Williams, behavioural expert, author and the founder of People Patterns is a really interesting and clever woman. Having studied a double degree in accounting and psychology, Bri started out her career in corporate finance for the likes of Coca Cola Amatil…

Shes the Boss

Stella Gianotto – Founder of Brands For Brands and consumer retail Futurist

Stella Gianotto is the founder of Brand For Brands, she’s also a retail futurist and branding expert and her story is very inspiring. From growing up in a very traditional Italian family, Stella was inspired to pursue a career from an early age. In fact, she was an entrepreneurial whizz even in school!

Shes the Boss

Frances Pratt – Founder of KISS to Sell and Metisan. Fran takes the ickiness out of selling.

Fran is a super interesting woman. Having grown up in a family of introverts, she was always outgoing and loved being with people. Starting her career in hospitality, she talks about the AMAZING customer service ethic at the Ritz Carlton group and how innovative it was.