Phil McNamara

As a young man, Phil McNamara was often lost in the works of Charles Darwin – a passion that fused language with a love for the natural world. Red Reflection is his first novel. Phil is writing its sequel from the modest home he shares with his wife and daughter in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Red Reflection is a contemporary parable about how quickly we changed the world. In fact, it’s more than that: it’s about habitat destruction, the link between mortality and our connection to nature, and how it feels to sit on the outside of popular belief.

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"So, Red Reflection the audiobook has gone off to the distributor and is starting to hit the online stores - Yip!

It's been such a pleasure working with you both. The end product could not have been better.

Dave, you pieced it together perfectly, answered all my questions and have done nothing but support me through a process that is quite daunting for a new author like me. It's been great working with you - thank you.

Chloe, I am so glad it's your voice that is reading for Ellin. You won't believe how uneasy I felt about choosing a voice for a character that has been in my head for over a decade. It probably wasn't the nicest or easiest story you've had to read but your narration is wonderful and your pacing was exactly what I wanted - thank you."

Phil McNamara