Shawn Callahan

Shawn’s story mastery process of Discover, Remember, Share and Refresh is based on over two decades’ work with high-achieving global companies. In Putting Stories to Work, each step is spelled out in detail, backed up by research, and, needless to say, illustrated by plenty of great stories. Learn how to find and share stories to connect with new people. How to explain why change is needed. How to influence opinions and promote success. And much more. Most importantly, learn how to take the latent skill of storytelling and turn it into a potent business habit.

In Putting Stories to Work, Shawn Callahan gives you a clear process for mastering business storytelling. He demolishes the thinking that storytelling has no place at work, reminding us that sharing stories is what we all do naturally, every day, and that it’s one of the most powerful tools for getting things done. You just need to adapt this natural superpower to boost your business.

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"Meeting David Stokes from author2audio was a stroke of luck for Anecdote. Our first project with Dave was to create and make available the audio for my book, Putting Stories to Work. His attention to detail, gentle yet direct instructions on how to get the recording done, hands-on problem solving and deep knowledge of how to get the best from his authors helped us build a terrific product that led to a solid and lasting business partnership.

For over 150 weekly episodes, Author2audio has produced our podcast, Anecdotally. It’s a vital part of our marketing, and we trust Dave’s knowledge and reliability to get the job done on time and to our exacting quality demands. Yep, he is great at what he does and let me say, Dave is fun to be around and a wizard with words."

Shawn Callahan