Stephanie Thompson

Childbirth is no longer simply ‘secret women’s business’ – it is now big business. And women everywhere are paying for information to help them on their journey to motherhood, only to find a very one-sided view about how a birth ‘should’ be. It’s like being given only half the textbook, only it’s presented in such a way that you can’t tell – which is the reason so many women are feeling stuck.

The Day My Vagina Broke tells the story of Stephanie Thompson’s journey to motherhood, and of medical professionals who dismissed her fears and concerns. The author writes openly about her traumatic birth, and the ongoing physical, emotional and physiological impacts of her injuries. But it is also a story of hope, courage and heart that explores ways to adjust and live with a new reality, and to finally find a way to begin to heal. It’s essential reading for all mothers and the professionals charged with caring for them.

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"I was introduced to Dave Stokes from Author2Audio by my writing coach as I was publishing my first book. It was always my intention to have it available in a number of formats to ensure accessibility for anyone who could not physically hold a book.

From that very first phone call with Dave, I knew he would be the person to help me achieve that goal. Dave listened to my story and was genuinely interested in helping me share it with the world. And because I was new to the world of publishing (and had no idea about anything), he guided me through every step along the way.

Dave remotely supported me through setting up all the equipment (he provided), we then did a number of test runs to ensure the best sound quality before enduring the long process of reading an entire book. He was always just a phone call away throughout the entire process and went above and beyond to help me. Dave was able to take my raw audio, with too many bloopers to mention, and produce a top-quality audiobook.

I love how he also made the process fun. We had many laughs together and I also learned a great deal along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave, so much so that I then asked him to produce the audio for my podcast."

Stephanie Thompson