Karina Bruce

Karina Bruce is an unstoppable force! As a curvy model, and the co-founder of Hear Us Roar, a marketplace for fashion designers who specialise in curvy women, she is determined to change things in the fashion industry – and no doubt she will!

In this episode Karina and Jules discuss what it was like for Karina as a young woman who experienced bullying for her size at school, and how she eventually was persuaded by a friend to try out as a model. Her description of how she felt (sure of rejection) when she walked in the door of Vivian’s Model Agency is one many women will relate to. But she was booked immediately!

It was after Karina met her business partner, Blaize McCann, that the two like-minded women decided to set up Hear Us Roar. They were so fed up with the lack of fashion choices for women over size 14 (by the way, size 16 is the average woman’s size in Australia) that they sourced the best designers and brought them all together in one place.

Karina and Blaize set out to find VC funding and Karina tells us what that was like. Unfortunately their timing was a bit off as it was just before the Bushfires and COVID-19 isolation period but nothing will keep these women down!

Karina’s quirky fact is a classic too. Listen for it towards the end!