We encourage you to voice your books. You are an expert on your subject matter and have almost certainly spoken in public. Your voice is a familiar aspect of your brand. But we can all use a little help sometimes!

The ‘narrator voice’ is a little different to your public speaking voice – more confidential. It’s a private exchange between you and your listener. Intonation, pausing and inflection are important elements in conveying your story and maintaining the listener’s interest for many hours at a time.

We have an expert audio book narrator of some 20 years experience. In addition to narrating, Richard Aspel is a patient and accomplished actor, writer and voice coach.


The following is an audio excerpt from his international award winning narrative of: “Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain, and America”


Richard provides some fascinating insights into his storytelling career here

We have another wonderful voice actor in Michelle Matthews.


Michelle is a voice over artist, hospitality and travel writer. Following is a recent audio audition for a Victorian policewoman’s memoir.

Alan Long also reads for us.


Alan is a vocalist, drummer and long time public speaker, presenter and MC. With a pedigree including digital marketing, website design and C suite positions, Alan delivers with sincerity, warmth and authority.

Here’s a sample of ‘Al in action’

And yours truly is no stranger to the microphone!

The following clip is from Lisa Conway’s audio book: Your Salon Retail. Here I read the wonderful foreword penned by Andrew Griffiths.

I’d also like to welcome Rhonda Salvestrini – an expert in optimising career growth and brand communications. A very handy voice over artist who hails from San Diego in California.

Rhonda reads here from a beautiful article on the art of active listening in this ‘ListenIn’ video.

In this next sample you will hear from Jeanette Leigh reading a piece from ‘The Dressmaker’ written by Rosalie Ham.

Jeanette is an accomplished voice actor, journalist, author and copywriter.

And following are the dulcit tones of Manish Dongardive.

Manish is a professional Indian Voice Actor and has lent his voice for a number of clients across the globe. He comes with vast experience in television script-writing. This unique skill-set helps him interpret, and go deep into a story. He produces rich, smooth and engaging audio.

Manish has several, fiction as well as non-fiction titles published on Audible that have received high praise from listeners. He is obsessed with technology and recording gear, is a sucker for theatre, loves dogs and rarely take a second-guess at an opportunity to travel. He records in many languages, including Indian, Hindi and English.

‘Bravemumma’ Stephanie Thompson joins us after authoring and narrating her new audiobook. She has a warm innocence in her style coupled with a firm and credible determination.

Steph’s experiences as a school teacher and education consultant have given her a great love of children’s literature. Following is an audio sample from her book:

Emma Grant Williams is a graduate of the Actors Centre Australia. Listen to a lovely sample below demonstrating Emma’s skill as a voiceover artist and audiobook storyteller. Emma’s narration credits extend to documentaries and podcasts.

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