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Hi from Dave,

Just a quick narrative on author2audio’s activities in the past few months.

09 Busy it's a disease

I have had a great start to the year that really began in December with the release of Kate Christie’s audiobook  Smart Time Management for Doctors on Audible, iTunes and more than 10 other online outlets.

Kate is keen to record another book in the coming months when she’s able to take a break from her international speaking engagements.


Earlier this year, I was introduced to Duncan Fish. Duncan is an organisational psychologist who specialises in helping executives to brush up on their communication skills.

His book, Engage – A Practical Guide to Understanding, Influencing and Connecting With People is a great read and is available as an audiobook at the Engaging Executive website

Duncan is a great storyteller. Have a listen to his ‘Schadenfreude’ story Ahhhh paris!


And the storytellers have continued with Shawn Callahan from Anecdote. Shawn’s audiobook version of Putting Stories to Work – Mastering Business Storytelling is now in final proofing stage and due for release within the next month.


In addition to Shawn’ book, author2audio are producing Anecdote’s weekly podcast: Anecdotally Speaking. Shawn and his long time business partner Mark Schenk get together with occasional special guests to discuss all things narrative.  After just 11 episodes, they are regularly featuring in the iTunes Business podcast top 50!


I’m also delighted to be working with Dr. Louise Mahler. Louise’ book ‘Resonate’ combines the practical wisdom of careers in corporate and voice training with a calling that saw her performing lead roles in opera performances across Europe.

During production, it’s been astounding to listen to just how well the audiobook version really brings Louise’ voice, presence and advice to life (it’s obvious now I think of it, but still very engaging!)


Wishing Hunter Leonard the best with his new book: ‘Generation Experience’ . Hunter is and will always be our first customer, and we are looking forward to him narrating his new book, which strikes a chord for all of us in our ‘very late 20’s’!


Author Susan Spelic and illustrator Cassandra Storm D of ‘The Reading Mountain’ are busy compiling audio into a series of 5 interactive children’s books – in both Mandarin and English. They are at the ‘bleeding edge’ of publication technology, which will ultimately further help young children overcome reading challenges. Watch this space.


Last but not least, our favourite publicist, Jules Brooke of ‘Handle Your Own PR’. We are in the midst of producing audio visual versions of Jules’ popular webinar series.

She’s a wizz at book promotion and can teach you all the tips to get free publicity. Check out her lifetime membership offer

Thanks to my business support group and social media ‘likers’

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