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Jules Brooke working with author2audio?

Jules Brooke runs courses that help businesses get media coverage. Handle your own PR asked us to help publish a recorded 6 week webinar series. Jules was delighted and said: “Working with Dave to record a series of audio books about PR was super easy. I expected there to be all sorts of requirements where I would need to do additional work, before the audio would be finished but it wasn’t like that at all. I found him to be fast at doing the editing and production, helpful with suggestions for how to improve the presentation, like including music and chapter intros and a delight to work with. I totally recommend working with Dave if you want great service, a quality recording and someone who makes it an enjoyable and easy process”.

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Susan Spelic working with author2audio?

Susan Spelic – advocate for The Reading Mountain helps children with reading reluctance. Susan’s books are dyslexia friendly and it has been shown that auditory learning aids do help. We have recorded 5 of her books in English and Mandarin. Susan had this to say about her experience with us, “Working with Dave Stokes at author2audio has been a ‘3P’ experience, a Professional, Positive and Productive experience”.

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Hunter Leonard working with author2audio?

Hunter Leonard of Blue Frog Marketing will always be our first client, and with another half dozen published books we’ll be following his first audio book with interest. Hunter has been very complimentary and had this to say “Dave and the team from author2audio really brought my marketing book to life. For an author and business owner it’s all about having assets that help your customers. And now with my audiobook I’ve got another asset, that suits the small business owner who prefers to listen rather than read. The process was smooth professional and simple – which is important, as I didn’t have a lot of time free to even think about how to do it thanks guys”. Hunter Leonard – Founder & CEO Blue Frog Marketing