It was revealed by the Audio Publishers Association during a presentation in 2017, that 56% of audiobook consumers are doing ‘nothing else’ while listening. Suggesting perhaps that aural learning is not just passive in its nature. Just like reading, it can command your full attention. And there may be learning benefits too. Michele Cobb at the Book Expo in 2017 said: “It helps you understand context, vocabulary, and pronunciation” Other areas, such as listening while heading off to sleep (50%), doing tasks around the home (43%)  and exercising (27%) all rated highly too, but there is a distinction to be made. And it is to make between reading and listening.


It was also revealed by the Book Publishers Association during a presentation in 2017, that 100% of paperback consumers were ‘incapable of doing anything else’ while reading. What a shock! Reading engages your entire attention.

Try this interesting article about audiobooks and driver attention:

Harry Potter audiobook can keep motorists alert on long drives: study

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