Paperback, eBook and audiobook

Listening is how we instinctively learn about our world – it’s not just passive learning. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your reader at an intimate level – you are literally ‘in their ear’.

In our fast paced lifestyles, reading is becoming a seldom luxury. But you can switch back and forth between your paperback and audiobook versions depending on whether you are in your lounge, walking the dog or travelling interstate. And you can listen to an audiobook while you are getting other tasks done.

So add your voice – along with your paperback and eBook – to your brand. It’s the third essential piece in your publication triangle and lets you take advantage of growing local and international demand.

Read this article ‘hot off the press’. Audible may be turning publishing on it’s head. Releasing your audiobook BEFORE your eBook or paperback. Watch this space!

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