Stellavision – ‘Hobson Words’ podcast 1

Interview 1 – Sara Rena Vidal


In this inaugural ‘Hobson Words’ podcast episode, Stella is joined by the warm and wonderful Sara Vidal. An avid and outspoken supporter of people displaced and traumatised by war.

Sara feels she is not a natural writer, but after 25 years in the making, she has published a story of life, beauty and freedom.

She wanted to tell her Polish parent’s – Bella and Chaim’s – story of life and their dangerous escape from the Warsaw Ghetto, preceded by an 18 month stay beneath a machine in a cramped hole underground. An amazing story of resilience and hope.

“What does it mean to be human, and how is it that some people manage to cope?”

We sometimes forget to acknowledge the impact of the ablation of entire generations from those families affected by The Holocaust. A peoples who somehow endured profiteering from slave labour, the systematic ‘Selections’and the mass executions of the ‘Final Solution’ and those lured in disbelief to their demise.

“Your mind does not take in, that such a thing is possible.”

This is a story to be told and retold…

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