Richard Stubbs

Interview 3 – Richard Stubbs and Evan Hocking

Comedy, radio and TV icon – Richard Stubbs – joins Stella and ‘grass roots’ comic Evan Hocking for a wild discussion covering everything from duty free to running the country.

Richard, who is best known for hosting variety show Tonight Live on Channel 7, pioneering breakfast and drive time radio comedy (XY Zoo on Melbourne’s 3XY and later on 3 Triple M) – has recently returned to stand-up between ongoing corporate gigs and presenting on ABC Radio Melbourne.

Like many Melbourne comedians, Richard had his first shot on stage at The Last Laugh in Collingwood during the early 80’s – where he (and many other aspiring comics) worked as a barman at the time.

Stella, Evan and Richard compare notes on the current comedy scene: “Four minutes on stage for a try-out, and no pay”, Evan reports flatly – with Richard curbing his earlier career interstate travel expectations, now being “put up overnight in the promoter’s spare room”!

We also hear some of Richard’s family tales as brother, father and son. Like many people approaching their 6th decade, he tells the familiar challenging stories of ageing parents, new loves and flexible careers.

His retirement plan will crack you up – look out for him as you come through customs at Melbourne Airport (or in federal parliament as this week’s prime minister)!

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