Greg Fleet

Interview 2 – Greg Fleet

Veteran comedian and author of three books – Greg Fleet – joins Stella in a walk down (sketchy?) memory lane when comedy venues like The Last Laugh and The Prince Patrick were the ‘Valhalla’ of aspiring comics.

During their shared experiences in the 80’s, The Comedy Company and The Big Gig brought with them incredible television exposure for Australian comedians, who also made up the majority of the show’s writers. So comedian to writer and author isn’t such a big stretch.

In a frank, revealing and sometimes heartbreaking sojourn, Stella and Greg meander through his experiences of grammar school, acting, hard drugs and a mysterious father figure. It’s a heartfelt story of two very close friends (even closer in the early days ;>)

(Apologies to Michael Collins, Jacinda Arden and Dave Taranto whose names were mispronounced during the show).

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