Stellavision – ‘Hobson Words’ podcast 2

Interview 2 – Richard Evans


Born and bred in Williamstown, Richard has challenged himself across a range of pursuits including: actor, AFL footballer, corporate executive and in 1993, was elected to the federal seat of Cowan (WA), that he held for six years.

His most recent novel is ‘Deceit’ – episode one of the ‘Democracy’ trilogy. A political intrigue narrated through the eyes and ears of a parliamentary clerk, where the aspirations of the elected superstars are pitted against the powerful ‘heavy weights’ of parliamentary process.

In a fascinating interview, Richard and Stella discuss issues of political ambition, how changing reality may come second to manipulating perceptions and the inherent soul destroying nature and deep personal cost of political life.

Richard seeks to reveal, inform and educate Australian society by writing about both the ‘bird’s and worm’s eye view’ of our democratic processes.

We also hear that the strategic marketing techniques Richard has used to manage his marginal seat (amid scoffs from fellow ‘pollies’), have also been applied to the planning and publication of his books.

Richard warns against author’s submitting their first manuscript draft. Poor spelling, syntax, and quality are unlikely to get you a good hearing from a publisher. Consider your brand versus business strategy, and pick a publisher that pays attention to marketing and distribution.

Oh, and listen out for the ‘dirt’ on some of the players during the infamous WA Inc. of the 70’s and 80’s.

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