Steve Kearney and Neill Gladwin – Los Trios Ringbarkus

Interview 6 – Steve Kearney and Neill Gladwin

From the primordial soup of the late 70’s, free education, Dada discomfort, performance art, teacher training at Rusden, Buster Keaton and post ‘vaudevillia’ came the bumbling genius of Steve Kearney and Neill Gladwin as Los Trios Ringbarkus – the ‘anti-tainers’.

Melbourne’s thirst for cabaret, variety and live venues during the early 80’s provided the perfect environment for the trio pair to climb the dizzy stacked chair heights of accidental comedy greatness. 

A career together spanning over ten years, later saw the two become production and direction icons in the Australian and Hollywood movie lands, but only after ‘time served in the comedy crucible’.

When asked about a touted documentary, the two replied: “It’s pretty hard to write a documentary about yourself.” To me it just sounds like a dare :>).

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