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Shes the Boss
Shes the Boss

Joyce Watts – Founder of Bright Smart agency, blogger and classic entrepreneur!

Joyce Watts is the Founder of Victoria’s biggest parenting blog, TOT:HOT OR NOT with over 1.4 million page views last year!) and a couple of cycling product and blog sites, but the pandemic has given her the time to review her businesses…

Shes the Boss

Jane Mara – Intuition expert, speaker and author

Jane Mara’s career as an intuitive intelligence expert, speaker and author of two books on the subject, started in advertising land. After an illustrious start, working as a media buyer for some of the biggest ad agencies in Australia (and the world), she went to the ‘client side’ and continued to run marketing departments for some of the big banks.

Shes the Boss

Cate Peterson – Founder of YogaHive and Off The Mat and yoga evangelist

Cate Peterson is the most amazing woman and you definitely feel a better person after you have spent time with her. She truly wants to make a difference in the world and she is doing it with Yoga as the core.

Shes the Boss

Kylee Stone – CEO & Founder of The Performance Code and passionate about helping women reach their potential in business

Kylee is a woman on a mission. After a long career in marketing strategy with large media organisations, Kylee inadvertently started working with other women in corporate who wanted support and help. This slowly evolved into the launch of Team Women Australia. Kylee’s stories about how this came about are inspiring.

Shes the Boss

Pinky McKay – renowned lactation expert, author, speaker and the Founder of Boobie Foods

Pinky McKay is Australia’s greatest asset when it comes to breastfeeding Mums! From starting her career as a nurse, she quickly became fascinated with breastfeeding and after qualifying as a lactation nurse, she set out on her own.

Shes the Boss

Susan Morrice – Geologist and the founder of an oil company, Belize Natural Energy (BNE)

Susan is the founder of an energy company in Belize. Her story is amazing! As an Irish woman, and a geologist, she explains how she just ‘knew’ there was oil under the surface, even though all the big oil companies had drilled 50 wells with no success. And she struck oil on her first go!

Shes the Boss

Georgina McEncroe – founder of the Shebah rideshare service

Georgina McEncroe, Founder of Shebah, the female rideshare service, is one of the most successful business women in Australia. She’s also super-nice and lots of fun to chat to.

Shes the Boss

Louise Mahler – Global keynote speaker, ex-opera singer and expert in voice and influence

Louise Mahler is an absolute joy to chat to! An internationally renowned speaker and executive coach, she is also very funny and has loads of stories to tell. From growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane, Louise headed off to Europe and sang in operas from Vienna to Stuttgart and everywhere in between.

Shes the Boss

Kate Toon – Misfit entrepreneur , SEO, and copywriting queen

Kate Toon is a well loved and a very popular woman for good reason. She’s just the best person to talk to when it comes to building your own business because she is super generous with her information. This chat was no different. From her first trip to Australia as a backpacker, Kate was always going to kick arse.